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Rarity ponytail - Dark blonde

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Long “ Rarity” ponytail dark chestnut .

Because hair only grows 1.,5 cm a month, we have designed a line of ponytails which can be clipped onto the regrowth thanks to its crocodile clip. So Poney Rarity can be clipped onto your own mini ponytail thanks to its hair clip.

Tested and approved by Julie and Valérie.

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Long “ Rarity” ponytail dark chestnut 70 cm. 

Because hair only grows 1.5 cm a month, we have designed a line of ponytails which can be clipped thanks to its crocodile clip onto the regrowth as soon as there is enough hair to make a little bunch. So Poney Rarity can be clipped onto your own mini ponytail thanks to its hair clip. This allows you to change from short hair to long hair in the blink of an eye! 

To be worn with one of our headbands to be even more stylish and, if you wish, match with a fringe of the same colour: Eliz, Célia or Charlotte (see photo) 

Tested and approved by Julie and Valérie.

With loads of passion, commitment and kindness, LES FRANJYNES® has created, designed and manufactured fringes for alopecia (total hair loss) as well as for regrowth since 2017. Long ""Jolly jumper"" ponytail blonde with chestnut highlights.

Thanks to its crocodile clip, clip the ponytail onto your own little ponytail. 

To hold,", the ponytails needs to be clipped onto the hair and preferably onto a little ponytail. 

(count approximately 6 to 10 months after the last chemotherapy session to have enough length)

Wash the ponytail as little as possible in order to be able to keep it longer:

  1. Gently shake the ponytail in a bowl of cold or lukewarm water containing a mild shampoo (for very dry hair or shampoo for synthetic hair.)

  2. Rinse generously with cold water then gently remove excess moisture from the ponytail, making sure you do not rub it.

3. After sponging with a towel, shake the ponytail and let it drip and air dry. NNever comb the ponytail when wet.

4. Once the ponytail is completely dry, style as desired using a large-toothed comb., or with your fingers

5. To comb, start at the bottom and gently comb from top to bottom, with a large-toothed comb or by untangling with your fingers. Then gradually go up until it is all detangled. Never start detangling in the middle or at the top, that would damage the tangled strands.

6. To fasten the ponytail, you can use a curling tongs up to 180°C for approximately 30 seconds. Above this temperature, you risk damaging the ponytail.

7. Remove the strand from the tongs, then hold in your hands for 3 seconds until the strand holds firm.

8. Repeat steps 6 to 8., strand by strand until the whole ponytail is done. Style as you wish.

9. We recommend you braid your ponytail into several braids at the pool, to avoid entanglement.

10. Do not sleep with the ponytail in, that risks tangling and removing the shine from synthetic hair..

11. Do not apply spray or overly thick lotion on synthetic hair, as that will make it lose shine and cause tarnish.

12. When not wearing the ponytail, place it in its net and cotton pocket to keep its shape and look. It will also reduce tangling and tarnishing.

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