The most common questions

Where can I get Les Franjynes fringes and accessories?

All of Les Franjynes and Les Franjynettes hair protheses are available on the current Internet site lesfranjynes.com, at our showroom in Nice at 20 rue Vernier as well as in our partner stores throughout France," Europe and French overseas departments and territories. To see the list of our partner shops, please consult the section called ""our traders"" : https://lesfranjynes.com/revendeurs"

Do your fringes come in different sizes?

- Adult fringes (from 13 years old) come in one size to adapt to all heads.

The system on which these have been mounted has been designed so that they suit all head shapes.

- Children’s fringes (from 4 to 12 years old) also come in one size to adapt to all heads.

The system on which these have been mounted has been designed so that they suit all head shapes.

- Adult and children’s fringes have the same cut, so that you can have it matched to the shape of your face by your usual hairdresser.

How much do Les Franjynes and Les Franjynettes cost ?

- -Adult Fringes cost from 50 to 60 euros inclusive of taxes

- Children’s Fringes cost 40 euros inclusive of taxes

- Turbans you can tie cost 40 euros inclusive of taxes

- Adult caps tied as turbans cost from 55 to 60 euros inclusive of taxes

- Children’s caps tied as turbans cost 30 euros inclusive of taxes

Covered by Social Security in France:

In France, Social Security covers €125 for a partial hair prosthesis accompanied by its textile accessory purchased in an approved hair institute or approved pharmacy and prescribed by prescription for long term illnesses. Some healthcare insurance covers all or part of the price difference of your purchases of hair prostheses. Contact them for information.

Is it real hair?

Les Franjynes are made of top-of-the-range Japanese synthetic fibres. This type of fibre is flexible, silky to touch and gives you the feeling of being real.

Natural hair is too fragile a fibre for this type of accessory which is a fringe. A fringe made of natural hair would last 2 months whereas a fringe made of synthetic fibres will last for at least 6 months.

I have heard that hair protheses scratch ?

This is why Les Franjynes is a combination of a turban in technical fibres which lets your skull breathe, and a fringe which can be placed on the birth of your natural implantation to avoid the well known disadvantages of wigs (itching, discomfort, irritation..)

Does this type of capillary prothesis prevent regrowth?

No. In fact Les Franjynes work with highly ventilated materials which allow the scalp to breathe and therefore promote regrowth in the best conditions.

When my hair grows back, can I get it coloured ?

It is better to avoid colouring hair which is starting to regrow for at least a year. Or only with very natural and organic products (without ammoniac). Ask your clinical beauty therapist for advice.

How do I care for my Fringes ?

Care advice is given on the site.

Wash the fringe a maximum of once every 10 days or every 10 to 15 usages by leaving it to soak in a basin or sink filled with cold water. Use a very gentle shampoo or one from Les Franjynes range and gently rub the fringe. Rinse in cold water and leave to dry naturally on a terry towel.

How do I care for my ready-to-tie turbans and those already tied?

We strongly recommend hand washing and air drying naturally and in the shade.

Can I blow-dry my fringe ?

Yes providing that the heat of your hair-dryer or straightening irons does not exceed 180 degrees. Be careful as this accessory is rather fragile for this type of handling. But be assured your synthetic hair will keep its style perfectly even after being washed.

Can I swim with my supplementary hairpiece?

Yes. Thanks to their patented system, the fringes hold very well without compressing your head under the "" Les Franjynes "" Lycra swimming cap. But it’s better if you can avoid putting your head and fringe underwater. They are suitable for moderate use in particular conditions.

How do I get Les Franjynes documentation ?

You can request our documentation (catalogue) online. You will receive a downloading link of the digital version of the PDF or you can scroll through directly online.

Or, you can request our brochures online, using the “ Contact us ” section. If you wish to receive a brochure via post, don’t hesitate to mention it. We will be pleased to get it to you as soon as possible.

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