When you receive your fringe: 

Unwrap the fringe carefully, remove the paper inside, shake it slightly taking it at the label. Comb it through starting with the ends or run your fingers through the hair.

How to put your fringe on:

Slip on your fringe so that it is above your forehead slightly to the front at the same level as the fontanel. Adjust the fringe so that the edge matches the location of your hair tone.

Once the fringe is on your head, stand in front of your mirror and tie a turban over it (let your creativity run wild or follow the how to tie video tutorials on the site) or an already tied turban (a tutorial is available to show you how to place it on your head as best as possible) or another type of head covering (hat, peaked cap, beret, swimming cap, etc.)

Once the headgear is on, don't forget to attach the two large strands of the fringe to the turban using the two invisible grips supplied with your fringe. 

* You can occasionally use gel or hairspray on your fringe.

Care tips : Every ten to 15 uses

Care tips for your FranJYnes and PonYtail

1. Gently shake the fringe/ponytail in a bowl of cold or lukewarm water containing a mild shampoo (for dry hair)

 2. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and then gently wring out the fringe/ponytail, being careful not to rub it.

3. After having sponged it with a towel, shake the fringe/ponytail and let it drip and air dry. Never comb the fringe / ponytail when it is wet.

4. Once the fringe/ponytail is completely dry, comb the fringe/ponytail as you wish by using a large-toothed comb or your fingers.

5. To comb, start at the bottom by gently combing from top to bottom with a large-toothed comb or by untangling with your fingers. Then gradually go up until it is all detangled. Never start detangling in the middle or at the top as that would damage the tangled strands.

6. To curl the fringe/ponytail, you can use a curling tongs up to a maximum of 180°C for approximately 15 seconds. Above this temperature, you risk damaging the fringe/ponytail.

7. Remove the strand from the tongs then hold in your hands for 3 seconds until the strand holds firm.

8. Repeat steps 6 to 8, strand by strand until the whole fringe/ponytail is done. Style as you wish.

9. We recommend you braid long fringes/ponytails into several braids at the pool to avoid tangling.

10. Never sleep with your fringe or ponytail in, that risks tangling and removing the shine from the fringe.

11. Do not apply spray or overly thick lotion on synthetic hair, that would remove shine and tarnish the fringe/ponytail.

12. When not wearing your fringe/ponytail, put it on a wig head or jewellery holder to maintain its shape and look. It will also reduce tangling and tarnishing.

With loads of passion, commitment and kindness, LES FRANJYNES® has created, designed and manufactured fringes for alopecia (total hair loss) as well as for regrowth since 2017.


Following chemotherapy resulting in Alopecia (hair loss) or a long-term condition also resulting in alopecia, a hair prosthesis becomes necessary.  However, some women relinquish this purchase due to the high costs this involves. Social Security in France is committed to reimbursing 125 euros for a partial hair prosthesis accompanied by its textile accessory purchased simultaneously in a hair institute or approved pharmacy. A variable part may be added to this depending on the various existing healthcare plans. To be reimbursed, simply send the original of your prescription issued by your doctor mentioning HAIR PROSTHESIS AND ACCESSORIES to your health insurance fund, along with the original of the invoice and the medical treatment form issued by your hair prosthetist or pharmacist which has been approved by French social security . 

Once you have received the reimbursement from Social Security, you can send the invoice for your wig as well as the Social Security reimbursement certificate to your Healthcare plan.

The reimbursement from your Healthcare plan will depend on the type of contract taken out.