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Bonnet style PinUP by Les Franjynes & Lookhatme tied in a turban in purple with lining provides thermoregulation.(which adapts to your body temperature) 

Oeko-tex Certified, This means, not containing any harmful substance, sewn seamlessly (without stitching).

***NB: Cap Sold without the Fringe

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Beanie tied in a turban, made with fabrics in purple embossed color. ( His lining adapts to your body temperature, absorbs, and evaporates sweat. ) sewn seamlessly so as not to leave any visible seams, for a maximum of comfort. Labeled by Oeko-tex for maximum comfort.

*** Sold without the Fringe ***

*** Registered design ***

** NB : Caution, items purchased as promotion (by promo code, or in the "Favourite price") section cannot be returned, nor refunded.

Wearing it means being stylish but it’s above all supporting and committing, part of its sales price is donated to cancer research. 

This product is made in France in a workshop of women in professional integration. 

Les Franjynes tutorial - how to tie a turban cap in 3 versions.

Hey did you know that you can wear your Les Franjynes turban cap in 3 different ways? Look, that will give you 3 different styles with a single cap, it’s just like magic :). Les Franjynes Music produced by Luneapache Vidéo created and produced by Anthony Herbin and Julie Meunier.

Model easy to slip on like a cap by placing the “bun” firmly on the head, or slightly on the side or completely at the back of the neck like a chignon.

(Video tutorial) one the beanie is positioned on the head, you can adjust the volume of the bun and the size of the beanie by tightening or loosening the knot of the bun.

This model is perfect for all those who can’t be bothered to tie a knot and for all those who have mobility problems with their arms.

Les Franjynes and Lookhatme wish to satisfy everyone by always giving more style to their creations!

- Hand wash recommended.

- Air dry and in the shade

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