About us

LES FRANJYNES, it’s the story of fighting sisters...and it’s also an alternative to a wig!

Les Franjynes, these are pretty fringes in 13 different colours: golden blonde, platinum blonde, blonde with chestnut highlights, chestnut with blonde highlights, brown, light chestnut, mid chestnut, dark chestnut, white, red and 3 different shapes (universal cut, straight cut or curly) with a patented system to keep them on bald heads.  

All always accompanied by a beautiful turban, because one does not go without the other.  

They go together and the name sounds like the French word for sisters ... so I call them Franjynes;)   

Where does this idea come from?

In short, Julie, the founder, had very aggressive stage III breast cancer at the age of 27 in 2015.

Yes, I know, there was as much chance of a meteorite landing on my head!

She therefore had 18 months of treatment ( 24 chemo sessions, 2 operations and 40 sessions of radiotherapy, and 5 years of hormone treatment).

pres les franjynes3.jpg

“In May 2015," I wanted to share my experience so initially I created a blog"

In this blog, Julie shares her tricks for beauty, well-being & good moods as looking after yourself is actually very good for your health!

She wants to demonstrate that despite treatment, you can keep your femininity, adopt an image which suits you, carry on being beautiful and walk with your head high as nothing should stop us from doing so.

The watchword of the blog beauty, frivolity, cool things ;)
These adjectives are often set aside during treatment yet they bring us back to our normal life.

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When she lost her hair she bought a wig but didn’t manage to wear it. Every morning she felt as if she was putting on a simple cap and what she missed was just to style her hair ( before the cancer she had very long, waist-length hair).

So she started to tie turbans which she accessorised with a false fringe. A guaranteed effect as no-one suspected she was bald underneath.

Photo credit Ilan DEHE

Since then she has made up a repertory of 7 different knots, one for each day of the week. By tying the knot, she got back the feeling which she missed...styling her hair. “ Tying was therapeutic. for me  Thanks to this, I suffered less from losing my hair”.

And today, even though her hair has grown back (too cool!), she still wears turbans. For her there is no "illness or cultural" connotation, it’s just a really stylish fashion accessory. 

So she wanted to share all that by setting up her workshop  "la tête dans les nouages" in partnership with The battle against cancer of the Alpes Maritimes & and the American Vintage brand.


And all that gave her the idea to create LES FRANJYNES.

Fringes, fully adapted to alopecia (total hair loss), which evolve with hair regrowth.
All matched with turbans made from fine materials to gently and stylishly cover the scalp.

Photo credit Anthony HERBIN

The idea has been to also pass down this solution for children as there is not much available for our little darlings who have also been affected by cancer.

The Adult range us called « LES FRANJYNES » and the children’s range is called « LES FRANJYNETTES »

Why this name?


LES FRANJYNES,are fighting sisters. It is also the community which we are. It’s mutual support and sharing.
And it’s also a nod to the blog and the fringes which have accompanied me since the very beginning of course!

Because my dream is to re-boost the morale of my proteges.
Morale is essential for facing the treatments needed to be cured. I want to break the codes and give back a smile to all these women who experience this undesired period in their lives (as a smile has been my secret weapon against cancer).


***For further information, please don’t hesitate to send me a little love note using contact form ;)