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Cap tied turban style in grey marl jersey cotton, created and manufactured with lots of passion by Les Franjynes, with a thermo-regulating lining (which adapts to your body temperature) OEKO-TEX certified," this means without any harmful substance and sewn seamlessly (no stitching). Can be worn in 3 different ways, as explained in the tutorials.

***NB: Cap Sold without the Fringe.

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One size Cap,(from 8 years old) turban knotted 90% jersey cotton and 10% elastane light marl Grey, tied turban style with a thermo-regulating lining (which adapts to body temperature) OEKO-TEX certified, sewn seamlessly to leave no obvious stitching for optimum comfort. 

Can be worn in 3 different ways, as explained in the tutorials. 

(Can also be worn in the event of alopecia with a false fringe, see “Fringe” section.)

Hand wash recommended.

***Registered design.

***NB: Cap Sold without the Fringe.

Wearing it means being stylish but it’s above all supporting and committing as these turbans are made in Nice in a workshop of men and women in professional integration.

Part of its sales price is donated to cancer research.

Les Franjynes tutorial - how to tie a turban cap in 3 versions.

Hey did you know that you can wear your Les Franjynes turban cap in 3 different ways? Look, that will give you 3 different styles with a single cap, it’s just like magic :). Les Franjynes Music produced by Luneapache Vidéo created and produced by Anthony Herbin and Julie Meunier.

Model easy to slip on like a cap by placing the “bun” firmly on the head.

- Manage the volume of the bun by stretching it once placed on your head.

- Turn the cap gently to the left or right to off-set the bun for a new style.

- Turn the cap completely and place the bun on one side or the other of your parting for an even more completely different look.

This model is perfect for all those who can’t be bothered to tie a knot and for all those whose little arms are hurting. Les Franjynes want to satisfy everyone by always providing them with even more style and their own specific identity.

- Hand wash recommended.

- Air dry in the shade, obligatory .

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