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Les Franjynes

pack Carré de soie Turquin bleu, gris et noir avec bonnet thermorégulant

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 silk square pack " Turquin" and its little brother the thermo-regulating cap. 

90 cm x 90 cm large silk square.

100% silk

And its cap in thermo-regulating fabric.

Can be worn tied on the head, around the neck or even high up.

***NB: turban Sold without the Fringe

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 silk square pack and its thermo-regulating cap. 

90 cm x 90 cm large silk square. 

100% silk

Sold with a thermo-regulating cap to put under your silk scarf to avoid slipping and being hot.

Can be worn tied on the head over the cap to prevent the square from slipping, by following the tutorial below, around the neck or even high up ;)  

***NB: turban Sold without the Fringe

Wearing it means being stylish but it’s above all supporting and committing as part of the price of the sold item is donated to cancer research. 

Silk square to tie on the head or elsewhere

If you have a false fringe, put it immediately on your head before starting.

Slip on your thermo-regulating cap.

Make a triangle with your silk square.

Place the silk square on your head with the pointed part facing forward, and lower your head.

Make a simple knot with the other two sides of the triangle on top of your head.

Raise your head, and swing the tip back over the knot you just made.  

Again, with the other sides of the triangle, tie another knot to block the tip on the back, then hide the remaining fabric in the folds of the knot. 

Don’t hesitate to follow the how to tie video tutorial

Hand wash. 

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